The story behind
Final Logo - Black BG.jpg was formed to offer the general public better prices for their cars compared to other online car buying websites. is a trading name of LJW Cars Ltd.



You can visit our site here:


So if you're looking to buy or looking to sell - look no further than or


Frequently asked questions

A list of the most common questions that we get asked:


1.) Do buy cars at retail prices?


No, we don't pay retail prices. We will offer a good trade bid. Please take this into consideration when asking for a valuation request.


2.) Why should I sell to


Quick and hassle free. We offer above trade prices. We can usually offer more than the other 'car buying websites'. We don't charge admin fees and we don't charge you to pay you on the same day (unlike others).

We can have the funds transferred in your bank within 2hrs and we can also arrange collection of your vehicle. 

3.) What's the highest mileage car you will buy?


It's a hard question to answer. It just depends on the year of the car versus the mileage. Try us.


5.) Do you buy every car?


No. There are some cars we just won't stock or if we can't get any other offers from other traders.

6.) Do you buy insurance category write off's?


No, unfortunately not. We have access to multiple databases to check the cars history. 


7.) Do you buy cars without a V5 or if the V5 is in someone else's name?


Again the answer is no. We have a strict buying policy. The car must be owned by you for at least 7 months and the V5 must be in your name for that amount of time. Proof of identity will also be requested at time of purchase along with proof of purchase. We reserve the right to reject the purchase for any reason.


8.) Will you pay me cash?


Very Rarely. We may can consider it. Our preferred payment option is by bank transfer. 


9.) I want to sell my car and buy a new one - can you get me the car I want?

We can do both. We buy the car you are selling and source you the car you want via or the numerous contacts we have in the industry.  If we have the car in stock that you want to buy then we can part exchange your old car saving you even more money.

10.) Do you charge me any fees?


No, we don't charge you any admin fees unlike numerous other well known car buying websites. We charge a small fee to the company who opt to buy your car.


11.) Do you pay more than the other car buying sites?

We can't guarantee this, BUT we can usually beat any formal written offer AFTER inspection that you may get from WBAC (after your appointment) or the other national car buying sites. Please note that you may get an initial HIGH offer from these sites online , however, when you take it to be inspected that offer drops dramatically. 


Just be accurate with your description, list all the negatives and take some good photos and there should be no reason to not offer you our original offer price.

12.) Do you deduct any money from your initial offer?

We may deduct or adjust our offer. For example; if you have not informed us of any mechanical, interior or bodywork defects. But that's what we want to avoid, so please list accurately. Make sure to list things such as alloy scuffs, dents, scratches, interior scratches, trim marks, holes in the leather, missing keys, low tyre tread, missing services, engine or warning lights.

13.) How long does your offer last for?

48 Hours after receiving our initial offer.

14.) Do you inspect the car we are selling?

Yes, we have highly trained qualified mechanics that provide us with an inspection report.